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4th-Dec-2009 12:57 pm - Fixing Problem Endings
Fixing Problem Endings
"...Too many good books, book series, anime, etc. suffer from Bad Endings."

This most frequently happens when:
-- A) The author didn't know how they wanted to end the story before they started writing. They just wrote ... until they couldn't write any more. (AKA: Writing by the seat of their pants.)

-- B) They planned the end, but painted themselves into a corner by tossing in a major (head/heart/sex) problem they didn't know how to fix before they could get to the end. (AKA: Bit off more than they could swallow.)

So how do you FIX it? Collapse )
Victorious Star
4th-Dec-2009 12:48 pm(no subject)
ENDING the Story

When will you make an end?" - The Pope on the painting of the Sistine Chapel
"When I'm finished." - Michelangelo.

Okay, so you got this GREAT Idea for a story!

- This Great Idea...that births chapter after chaper...
- This Great Idea... that you can't seem to finish. (WTF?)


So what do you do now?

HOW do you make an END?Collapse )
Victorious Star
2nd-Mar-2005 12:08 pm - Who is Morgan Hawke?

Who doesn't love the tall, dark and handsome stranger, wrapped in shadows? Who doesn't love the danger of a supernatural encounter?

For me, Writing is more than a passion, it's an obsession. The stories crowd into my head. I write them down so I can get some peace.

Morgan Hawke
My Writing & Ranting Blog

Victorious Star
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